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Fischer Insurance Agency & Financial Services

Fischer Insurance Agency & Financial Services

Investment Advisor Representative

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I may be able to help. I can illustrate to you how you can shield some of your retirement dollars from stock market volatility while positioning your investments dollars in a portfolio model that matches your investment goals and risk profile.

As an independent investment advisor, there are no "standard" or "proprietary" products that we promote. In fact, we have access to a multitude of investment options and vehicles. Because we are without restraint in selecting the optimal investment vehicles to implement into your portfolio, we are able to exercise complete objectivity in creating sound and disciplined portfolios.

Our strategic relationship with Brookstone Capital Management and TD Ameritrade gives you a conflict-free environment in which to do business. Combined with our extensive insurance experience, this has proven to be a very successful business model.

We believe our business model and approach to investing presents one of the best opportunities for our clients in the last 20 years. The way of doing business we believe has changed, and we intend on providing our clients the leadership and guidance they deserve to forge a new beginning.

"As a fiduciary, we are held to the highest level of accountability in the industry."